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How to get girls

When it comes down to it, the only reason we try to get a nice car or nice things is for one reason. Girls and friends. And last time I checked, unless they are experts in the car world (which very few are) then our prey are incredibly gullible. Why would you waste 150,000 dollars on a car unless it was for your own self satisfaction of having a true and behold item. Which we all know one day all these items we think we care so much about will just turn to dust anyways so why not impress a girlfriend prospect with a replica instead? Our Replica Bentley cars are so choice for making an impression. I will go over some tricks and tips for all you hustlers out there whom want to know the secret to picking up a girl within hours of meeting.

how to pick up girls
Tips on how to pick up girls and potentially snag a girlfriend with a smoking hot babe!

Tip 1: Humility

Always act like its nothing. Don’t brag about what you got, the more you do the more it makes you look desperate. The secret here is calledĀ Subliminal Messaging ask questions! If you run into a girl you don’t open up with “hey wanna ride in a Bentley?” I mean come on, have you ever had a conversation? You need to place yourself above people, act like working a job is the equivalent to slavery.. “Oh you work a job, huh?”… “Me, oh I don’t work a normal job…I just make money doing all kinds of things.. speaking of, I just picked up a Bentley last week šŸ™‚ wanna come check it out?” BOOM so you had a conversation like a normal person, and you dropped the line to the girl as soon as you cleverly twisted the conversation to your car. That’s the trick, its not about blatant hey come check out my ride, its about clever direction.

Tip 2: Confidence

Even though I listed this tip as #2 it is not possible to accomplish your ultimate goals of getting with a girlĀ unless you possess this. Some guys have it naturally, because they either just look good, are tall, or have some other physical advantages that normal guys may have never had. So for them believing in themselves comes easier and its why a lot of broke asses are still getting girls even when they don’t have a bed big enough for 2 people.Ā Believing in yourself is actually a multitude of meanings. It doesn’t simply mean believe you can do it.. it means take a look in the mirror, do you understand you are alive and that other people are going to smell and see you, therefore they will experience you. What kind of experience do you want people to have with you? A fun one right? So BE FUN, BE CONFIDENTĀ there is no trick question here. It is just basic living, if you can’t have fun and be open minded then you are going to have a bad time. Don’t rely on anyone else to make your life fun, just go do it, and if you are busy doing things then hey, girls will notice when you are busy getting it. which leads me into my next tip.

Tip 3: Time

Understanding that we all die one day, one can say our time is more valuable then money itself, so don’t waste time on a girl who doesn’t text you first. If she wants to get with you, she will make a move, usually just with an initial text. You don’t have to text them first as long as they have your number, and if you have left subliminal “I’m rich, bitch” messages in their brain. It makes out to be the best method to picking up hot girls and usually this is the best way on how to pick up girlsĀ and have either multiple girls at once or simply line up your week. Life is fun, find girls whom are fun to be around and share the fun, be safe and enjoy your time, dude.

Tip 4: You don’t have a replica

If anyone questions if you have a replica, you don’t know what they are talking about and ask why they would think that? All you know is that you paid a crazy dollar amount for this used Lamborghini / Bentley and you know the previous owner if they want to give me a call. I will vouch for you if you give me a heads up šŸ˜‰



Open up the girls to luxury.
Open up the girls to luxury.

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