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Lambo Clones robslp640 Scam Alert

Hey welcome to Lamborghini Replicas and here we have lambo clones and other amazing cars we have put together. You are more than welcome to give us a call and verify any information. First of all we do want to address the scams that have been going on. We have been expanding our building efforts and we make sure to keep all of our business verified and within legal circumstances. A lot of companies such as “Lambo Clones” have actually been taking deposits on money for cars, but never starting or finishing projects. A while ago Robs LP 640 used to do lambo clones however they got lazy, and now they have scammed countless people and are located somewhere in Glendale, Arizona. The fact of the matter is the site “LamboClones.com” OR any place in that matter that will not allow you to come physically see some work done is a red flag. I won’t say a scam, but if they can’t give a location, then I would start looking for other options. We know you were looking for “Lambo Clones” and our connections actually do build Lamborghini Replicas and it takes time to truly build a well designed car for the prices people want. Generally our prices are anywhere from 40 k – 50 k and if you truly think someone will start building you a bad ass lamborghini clone for anything like $1,000 – $6,000 then that’s being gullible. Wanted to give this informative segment in case somebody had wanted to contact robslp640 and continue to purchase a car. Whenever I get a hold of them and can see them in person I will change this segment. Until then this will remain and stay away from Lambo clones, lamboclones.com and just  make sure you research before throwing money anywhere.

Click below on the images to see some reported scams by RobsLP640 and the Lambo Clone Crew. Skip down below that to see our actual selections.

Lambo clone

You can google their name and find multiple cases on Robert ward. Making a smart move with your money is all I want from everyone. I hope you all make your own decisions but I wanted you to be aware!


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