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Custom Lamborghini Replica Design and Construction

Custom Lamborghini replicas are what we are all about (as if the name wasn’t a dead giveaway), and we are in the business of putting people just like you in cars that turn heads and make pulses race!

For the ultimate car enthusiast collector, we will add a piece to your collection that is a one of a kind replica car masterpiece without having to make the monstrous investment that an actual Lamborghini requires!

If you are a car show competitor and are looking to take your game to the next level with high-end sports car without dropping six figures to do it, our custom Lamborghini replicas are exactly where to begin! We have built several award-winning custom Lamborghini replicas for car show killers across the U.S., and you can enjoy the same success when you give us a call!

Lamborghini Chassis Fabrication

We fabricate all of our Lamborghini chassis with an eye towards being as functional as possible, providing the right amount of support for every component.

Many car replica companies in the U.S. outsource this aspect of the process, typically with mixed results and a higher price tag!

By fabricating the chassis ourselves in-house we know exactly what kind of quality goes into each one of the cars we sell from the ground up!

We are the leader among car replica companies in the U.S. when it comes to custom Lamborghini replicas because we fabricate everything to be as close to the original frame, suspension, and other aspects as possible. Lamborghini has been getting it right for decades; why re-invent the wheel?

Under the Hood

Having a Lamborghini replica doesn’t mean sacrificing everything that makes a sports car a sports car!

For the majority of our custom Lamborghini replicas we drop in a modified Corvette V-8 engine that sounds a great deal like the real thing without the monstrous price tag and maintenance costs!

Corvette engines, based on their dimensions, are perfect for Lamborghini replicas and make a great substitute that is an awesome balance between making the car affordable and still a threat on the road!

Lamborghini Style: Inside and Out

Lamborghinis turn heads and piques the interest of people everywhere they are found!

This head-turning quality is one of the biggest reason people call us for one of our Lamborghini replicas for sale!

Every inch of our Lamborghini replicas are designed to mimic the real thing in a way that is almost impossible to detect; from the sleek body lines that catch the eye to small details like the interior door panel controls and details!

From the wheels to the taillights, from the signature wing style doors to the floor mats and beyond; Lamborghini Replicas makes fake Lamborghinis so close to the original the only one who will know the difference is your mechanic!

Contact Lamborghini Replicas today to start enjoying the ultimate sports car replica for a fraction of the price of the original!

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